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We are dedicated to promoting respiratory health through better prevention, detection, treatment and education efforts.

Buxmont has collaborated with the team at Fox Chase Cancer Center that consists of exceptional interventional pulmonologist trained at the prestigious Henry Ford Hospital (pioneer and leader in IP procedures), world-renowned thoracic pathologist, and top thoracic surgeons in the country to provide the best possible care for lung cancer.

Buxmont Lung Center provides consultations for lung nodules and mediastinal lymphadenopathy. We provide smoking cessation counseling and screening for lung cancer.

Services Provided at Buxmont Lung Center

  • Full Pulmonary Function Tests, Including Pre and Post Spirometry, Lung Volumes, and DLCO
  • Bronchial Provocation Testing
  • Home O2 Evaluations
  • 6-Minutes' Walk Test

Buxmont Pulmonary has been involved with tobacco prevention and cessation efforts since its inception. Our aim is to improve lung and heart health by providing valuable prevention resources, raising public awareness, and encouraging healthy behaviors.

Woman Doing a Pulmonary Test