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Patient Testimonials

Truly exceptional! Her single-minded devotion to the wellbeing of her patient is truly exceptional. Dr. Haidar will go to any length to provide the best imaginable care to her patients.

— Sophie L.

Wonderful facility. Dr. Haidar is very personable and takes the time to really understand you as a patient. She is very thorough, and the testing at the facility is very thorough as well. Initially diagnosed with sleep apnea in California over six years ago. This clinic is head and shoulders above the clinic I used out west. Equipment appears to be very up to date.

— Richard H.

Dr. Haidar, you have meant so much to me & I don't know what I would have done without you. We wish you & your family good health & happiness.

— Samir & Shirley S.

Dr. Haidar may be the kindest doctor you'll ever meet. She is an excellent clinician, spends time with her patients and truly takes in the whole picture. AAA+++

— Paul H.

Dr. Haidar, Thank you again for your kindness at my next appointment. I was a bit overwhelmed...& you were so calming & listened so patiently to my concerns. I am very appreciative of your expertise in guiding me through my journey & consider myself blessed to have you in my life.

— Debra L.

Dr. Haidar, we want to express to you our deep gratitude for your support during these past 2 years. Your wisdom, skill & courage have been great sources of encouragement & hope for both of us. In less a month I will become an octogenarian! I didn't think I would see that day! Thank you for improving my health. Look forward to your care for many more years as I may have.

— Frank & Linda T.

I am an RN, so I am very tough to please as a patient because I am very knowledgeable about health care. I have a rare disease. Dr. Haidar saved my life by really treating me, instead of just giving me meds to slow down my heart rate, and for anxiety, like every other doctor I saw. I truly thank her and appreciate everything she has done for my life. I thank god that she is my doctor. Not only is she an amazingly smart doctor, yet she also is such a caring doctor. Those two qualities are extremely rare to find in one doctor. Anyone who has pulmonary issues should go to her; you won't regret it.

— Tara S.

Dr. Haidar went out of her way to attempt to resolve my issues.

— Bob B.

Very Nice doctors & office staff.

— Emory A.

I am very satisfied and would add extra stars for my wonderful care.

— Sandra B.

My husband saw Dr Haidar after being admitted to the hospital. He had been dealing with a chronic cough for approx. a year and ended up in the hospital because he was coughing up blood. Dr Haidar was the Dr he was assigned to and we are so thankful for that. His previous Dr never took the time to get to the bottom of his problem. Because Dr Haidar was so through, he is now cough free. We are very thankful and grateful for Dr Haidar.

— Diana A.

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